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Catering for private and business events

Enjoy the time at your special event.


     A boutique experiences with a designated butler and a chef. To ensure the perfect flow of your event and to relieve the host of duties.

     Leave the shopping and cooking to us! Our most attractive service is “Chef at home”.

     It includes the purchase of products for a selected menu and the preparation of gourmet dishes in the comfort of your home. Your guests will have fun and enjoy an exclusive experience. They will be talking about it for days to come.

     Our Chef creates an individual menu after a conversation about the type of event, the occasion, number of guests, dietary requirements, seasonal products etc.

     The price is individually set and based on the number of guests and the complexity of dishes. You will receive gourmet food at your home with meticulously selected products. The dishes will be prepared just before they are served at the event.

     Our regular customers enjoy the professionally prepared food at home. Without a special occasion. 

     Yes, we offer discounted subscription rates.

Please refer to menu examples and prices for more information.

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